Quality policy
To the quality of the creation of brand-name, to the good faith service customers, quality first, customer first, to provide customers with 100% qualified products.
Ensure all provide: coal mine used flame retardant cable, general rubber sheathed flexible cables, submersible motor cable, field with rubber cables, welding machine cable wire and cable products are in accordance with the relevant national standards, ministerial standards, industry standards and enterprise standards for production and manufacturing. And to ensure that the products provided for the new and unused, the performance indicators meet the standards and technical requirements of the user, in line with the requirements of national and industry standards.
Service commitment
1, received a letter from the user, after sales service department within 24 hours to give a clear answer. Belong to products "Three Guarantees" during a fault, we in receiving notification 48 hours sent professional personnel arrived at the user's site coordination, clearly define the responsibilities, solve problems Questions.
2, our marketing staff and service staff will be quick, accurate and convenient to answer all your suggestions and comments. Patiently answer all kinds of questions you have raised, and visit the site to guide, exempt from your worries.
3, in the case of the installation and use of the correct specification, we provide products from the installation and commissioning of the date of operation, the quality of the "three pack" one year. "Three packs of" period of (guaranteed repair, replacement and refund), product under normal use conditions appear any because of the problem in the quality of the product itself, we are free to provide the "Three Guarantees" service.
4, "three packs" after the expiration of our free to provide users with one year of maintenance and maintenance services.
5, we provide products for the user to implement lifelong follow-up services, the user is not regularly to visit or carry out follow-up survey, in order to grasp and solve the problems of the user in the process of product use may occur.
We meet your requirements anywhere. Because our philosophy is: we sell is not only a product, but also promote a value.