Members welcome "71" to revolutionary traditions of education
Time: 2015-07-02 15:17:23    Count: 7139

Recently, the Communist revolution in mind for education, stimulate the revolutionary enthusiasm of loving the party loving enterprises and take concrete actions to meet the Communist Party's 94 years anniversary, far East cable group, Zhejiang branch organize party members to gate town, Pingyang County, Zhejiang Feng Wo revolution revolutionary education base.

Binh Duong is the old revolutionary bases, on the history of the Communist party known as "Zhejiang yan ' an," said. That morning, far-cable group branch line on the Red Army Park, a monument to the Red Army divisions and a revolutionary History Museum, paid their respects to the revolutionary predecessors to the party's cause and fought epic of great merit, under the statue of the martyrs for a long time, too. Lightly drizzle, along a muddy mountain roads to the rugged site of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, when a big conference room, party members makes a solemn vow.

Visited the site and the Museum, and cherish the memory of the martyrs of the revolution, in the breeze, drizzle in return. We have said that coming to know more about the history, deeply understand the spirit of revolutionary martyrs, predecessor of immortal revolutionary spirit to work in, let the revolutionary spirit of sustainable develop.              (Correspondent Tan Wei)